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See our games and apps on Google Play and App Store

See our games and apps on Google Play and App Store

Simple Piano Pro

We have improved the simple piano pro, which is a popular application and has reached hundreds of thousands of users, now we have added new features and alternatives, we recommend you to try it if you haven't used it yet, it is an application that piano lovers will love.

Simple Piano Pro PLUS

Simple piano Pro PLUS is much more than just a piano, it comes to the fore with dozens of different sound packages and features, and the biggest feature is that it is free, it is a must-use application for musicians and those who love to deal with music.

Candy Crush Land

Colorful Candies Land: The All-New Adventure of the Sweet World Welcome to a colourful and delicious world! "Colorful Candies Land" is a brand new take on the classic candy matching game. Filled with eye-catching graphics and sweet candies, each level offers a unique puzzle experience. Enjoy the adventure as you progress through hundreds of challenging levels. In each level, match candies to earn points and uncover secret dessert recipes. Set your strategy and aim for the highest score on the colourful and dynamic playing field. "Colorful Candies Land" invites both adults and children to a sweet adventure. Download now and open the doors to the sweet world!


This application, which includes popular organ sound packs, includes Kurdish and Arabic regional sound packs and instruments, and may have the quality to shrink an organ and put it in your pocket.

Helix Shredder Ball

Enjoy casual gaming with the Helix Shredder Ball. Helix Shredder Ball is a game where players smash spinning spiral platforms to reach the bottom by jumping.

Briefly, who are we?

We are a company that develops games and applications.

Our goal is to develop games and apps that as many people as possible will love.

the platforms we target; We aim to develop games and applications on platforms such as mobile, computers, game consoles, and we want to do things that you, our valuable users, can love.

There is a place for you in our family, too, join us by using our games and apps.

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Do you want to contact us?

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